Friday 27 February 2015

The warm weather

The warm weather down here in the south of Spain is encouraging me to write more often. For those of you that are new visitors I run about eight different blogs on the internet. Some are open access others are closed and only available to family and friends. I write most days something or other for my boating blog (where you are reading this) I also contribute a bit of my 'fractured' prose to a for 'fun' poetry blog. Then there is my photography blog, my Dear Bill blog, as well as several boating and photography forums on farcebook that I contribute to as well.

Because we also try to travel abroad where possible to favourite places like India for extended periods. Now add into that mix a fair bit of reading of other peoples blogs all things considered this keeps me quite busy.

The surprising thing is, I used to do similar things when I was working. So when I retired, I expected that the regime would be much more relaxed, than its turned out to be. What has happened is best explained by an old network engineers explanation of network capacity.

'The capacity of any data network to carry information will be eventually compromised when the network usage expands until such time as the network is saturated.'

In other words – usage will expand until the available bandwidth is filled. No matter how we try to limit our activities, we will still fill in all available time doing the things we like to do until there is no time left.

Now I have started to compartmentalise my activities and to try where possible to allocate time and space for my various interests. I was never much good when working in work planning my working day – mainly because my workload was mostly reactive. Its proving to be the same with my self imposed discipline for blogging and photography. Now we have started to go out more – ostensibly to walk the dog. I was at one time a keen squash player so exercise used to be a significant driver. Now, the new driver is walking the dog along the beach in semi silence. Because it lets me get lost in my thoughts and encourages me to do a bit more photography. I come back refreshed and invigorated.

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