Sunday 15 February 2015

New Adventure (8)

The Road To Ruin – Whoops, I Meant Rouen!

Wednesday 14th of January 2015.

The 'trip and stay' in Spain had been on the books for some time. However, the old dog Abbey who passed away a few months ago had not been up to such a trip. So she had unwittingly delayed our departure by about 2 years. Though it should be said I would happily give up the trip to have her back on board and in good health.

We have now started to find our way around Denia despite the best efforts of the cars satellite navigation system and the local constabulary national. We also discovered that using a map would often cut the distance of our journeys. Many of the local point to point back roads were not stored on the satnav maps. First port of call was the local Tourist Information office. On our return we were just in time to stop the local police from towing away our car. Which we had parked in what seemed to be a public car park! So a few euro's later we were on our way once more.

Though there was some confusion between us, the police officer and the erstwhile driver of the tow truck. Both insisted the charge was 600 euro's. (Unfortunately, they were about to discover we had arrived by ferry and not on the banana boat.) We were also informed that the fine also had to be paid in cash because his debit card reader was not working. After we indicated that we also wanted an itemised receipt for any money paid. There was a sudden underground, muffled, rolling noise! There was also the sudden realisation on their part of being rumbled so to speak. Suddenly there was a small error noticed in the charge being levied. The transaction was settled for a substantially and humorously tiny sum in comparison! So that was all right then – yea right!

In what seemed to be like a throwback to the days of my childhood. We were surprised by the number of perro (dogs) on the loose and walking the main roads in complete indifference to the local population. We were entranced by one scruffy looking fluff ball mutt who would only cross the road at pedestrian crossings. Though he seemed oblivious of the need to press the button – This may be a misjudgement on my part. |As in all fairness he would have a great deal of difficulty in reaching the button.

After our visit to the local Touristica Information Officio we came away with an arm full of bumph. We were given a street map and a few other bits, until I mentioned that we were staying for three months. Suddenly we were given two seven day guides and various maps of pout of town tourist places to visit. At last we had been made to feel welcome.

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