Monday, 15 December 2014

I've joind the 'AA' (Amazon Anonymous)

We all know just what a terrible company Amazon can be -- tax dodging, low wages and temporary contracts. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We’re joining forces with the Amazon Anonymous campaign to go Amazon free this Christmas. The Guardian reported last month that Amazon stand to lose business worth £500,000 this season from the boycott. That's the power of collective action!

This is Amazon’s busiest time of year when it hopes we’re going to keep its virtual tills ringing. We can't make Amazon change over night, but we can begin with a powerful consumer boycott pledge. Let Amazon know that you'll be shopping elsewhere for presents this year.

Can you sign the Amazon free pledge and go Amazon free this Christmas?

There are plenty of great alternatives to shopping at Amazon. If you want books, try your local book shop. If it’s movies and DVDs, try Hive. They commit to donating a percentage of its profits to local independent retailers. If it’s gifts you’re after, you could even try John Lewis, owned and run by its staff. Whatever you need this Christmas, you don’t have to buy from Amazon.

It’s not easy, we know just how hard it is to quit. Christmas is rapidly approaching and that means a last minute frantic rush to buy presents. It’s tempting to just pop on Amazon and order everything you need. But it comes at a price -- in unpaid taxes, low wages and short term contracts.

SumOfUs was created so we can work together to take on big corporate baddies like Amazon. Just as it uses the internet to its advantage -- so can we. Whether you are an Amazon addict or have been Amazon-Free for a while, add your name to thousands of us pledging to avoid shopping Amazon this Christmas.

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