Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Scottish Canals

While you might have thought that anything to do with the promotion of UK canals - especially if organised at an international level - would have been in the remit of the Canal and River Trust. After all - Birmingham is promoted as being the Venice of the UK. Birmingham also has several large venues where an International event intended to showcase the International canal network could easily be hosted.

However it seems that while CaRT has been concentrating on creating a map of places on the English canals. Scottish Canals has quietly got on with it and secured an international event in Inverness. Scottish Canals  will be hosting the prestigious international event on canals in September 2016.

Scottish Canals  says 'It will be a chance to promote Scotland's canal network and features. More than 150 canal Organisations, Societies and operators from across the world are expected to attend.' The World Canals Conference has previously been held in Montreal and also in New York and now Inverness will be added to the illustrious list of international locations. Scottish Canals has said.

I rather like the look and feel of the Scottish Canal website. It really does promote Scottish Canals very well. It is very easy to navigate and contains a great deal of interesting information.

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