Monday 15 September 2014

Program to point your TV antenna.

For any given location, there are two characteristics important for TV reception. The direction in which to point the aerial, known as 'azimuth' and the antenna polarity which is either horizontal or vertical.

There is a useful website for boaters wanting to point a TV antenna in the right direction. Its not a simple site to use but there is a good help file that will soon have you using the program. 

Transmitter Listing

The program uses Google Maps so that you can pinpoint exactly your location.

Google Map

Here in the example we are located on the Grand Union canal near Braunston Junction. You can use place names or post codes as well as satellite navigation coordinates.

Choose a Television Transmitter site from a list which is dependant upon your location. There are a number of options that you can use to select the transmitter and the program will list them in order of distance from your location. You can drag and drop the green pointer on the exact location of your boat.

The website is located here: Click Me

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