Tuesday 30 September 2014

Learning the Ropes.

The Internet provides a wealth of information and ideas around boating.  Some useful news like information can be gathered from the on-line magazines such as NarrowBoat World There are also boating blogs and various groups on social media. YouTube is also a good  source of video clips on every topic under the sun. Some are targeted at the canals and would provide an excellent point of information for first time hire boaters.

I was quite surprised at the quality of some of the offerings. Wilton Marina have produced an interesting selection of boating clips. The clips include Mooring the boat, Using the  tiller, Reversing the boat and other similar skills. Providing a useful source of hints and tips. for the hire boater  Click Here to watch. 

One particular website that I like is  SpellWeaver. A sort of genealogical record of the canals. This combines a great deal of work researching the old boat working families and drawing together content and photographs from varies sources.

Boating blogs, can be very varied in content. Some are very much written in the form of a daily diary and allow family and friends to know where they are.  Others combine photographs and commentary of the features of the canals encountered in their daily travels.  My blog is I hope quite varied and interspersed with a great deal of humour. I keep a simple log on what when and where published each time we move. I enjoy poking fun at CaRT but I do try to provide an eclectic mix of observations, Smartphone applications, canal history, Dear Bill letters, Motivations posters, and some technical stuff.

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