Sunday 25 May 2014

National Archive Podcasts (21)

I love history at a local, national and world levels. The National Archives contain some interesting records of British Imperialism around the world. There are also important records relating to life in the united kingdom. These records can also be used by anyone who is interested in genealogy. The documents come in all forms. I like to listen to the research outcomes in the form of lectures as the archives come under greater and greater scrutiny. The files are captured in MP3 format. There is obviously a bias towards history and family history in my choices.

Presented by Philippa Glanville, Senior Research Fellow at the V&A Museum. The event is titled, Drink: the History of Alcohol 1690-1920. Click Here to listen.
Well-known military historian Professor Richard Holmes examines Indian soldiering in peace and war.  He addresses the experience of ordinary soldiers, why they joined up, how they got to India and what they made of it when they arrived. Click Here to listen.
Maxine Berg, Professor of History at the Eighteenth Century Centre, University of Warwick, explores the inventions and the making and buying of goods in 18th century Britain. Click Here to listen.
Dr. Tracey Sowerby of Pembroke College, Oxford, introduces listeners to the records of Tudor government held at The National Archives. She examines records of Parliament, delves into the murky treason trials of Henry VIII's regime and even demonstrates how the files can take us inside Henry's art collection and his library. Click Here to listen.

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