Wednesday 25 December 2013

The 12 Gifts of Christmas (12)

The 12 Gifts of Christmas are the Rose of Arden recommends of useful and practical gift items for the boater in your life. For the last three years the crew of Rose of Arden have scoured the world to bring Christmas gift ideas to the boating community. This year we bring a further selection of gift ideas which can be purchased through several corporate tax avoiding multinational companies.

Number twelve in our top dozen of scintillating gifts for Christmas 2013 - Is the Rose of Arden pick of the crop 'First Mate Guide' to emergency stoppages. Because the canal and river infrastructure has been under funded for years. Our canal guide shows that emergency stoppages can occur anywhere on any section of any canal and river. 

More than that, all the more regular 'unusual happenings' are displaying the likelihood that it is more likely to  happen than not.

Help CaRT to find the long lost inland waterway culverts. Discover collapsed drains and overgrown and blocked by wash. Marvel at the wide variety of  locks with sagging sides and leaking gates. Report them several times a day on the CaRT emergency Helpline. You will soon be on first name terms with the operators.

Now like thousands who went before, even you can enjoy taking the gamble of planing a canal trip without any certainty of return. Pick your lottery numbers now because the chance is that your numbers will come up before you complete your trip.

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