Tuesday 13 August 2013

Volunteer Robin

It was interesting to read some of the readers feedback to my suggestion that some of the senior management within CaRT might be awarded a medal. (NBW Who deserves a gong?)I was surprised that there had not been a significant amount of support from the inland waterways community.  Most remarkable of all was the deafening silence from any CaRT staff. But not only that, it was the same silence from the stalwarts of the IWA. I could not find anything in the June bulletin and a search of the IWA site did not appear to have any info after the 9th of January announcement. Maybe the IWA did not want to mark his passing either.

Then today I realised that Robin, like an olympic champion had already struck gold. The much publicised claim that his pay was to be reduced to an eye watering £195,000 When he was allegedly to be allowed to continue on a secret salary of £220,000. 

I was wondering and I'm sure its a question that must be on everyone's lips. Whether Robin Evans will return back to work as a Canal and River Trust as an unpaid volunteer? After all, Robin single handedly championed the whole volunteer scheme. Without Robin the whole scheme would have come to nothing. I am sure Robin would like to see volunteering expanded. I'm sure that many canal users would also jump at the chance to enjoy a day out volunteering along the towpath. It would certainly be a special day to remember with Robin on a volunteers litter pick day. 

The prospect of Robin returning as a volunteer also started me thinking about the numbers of ex BW/CaRT employees who after leaving, being made redundant or who have retired. I wonder how many of them have actually returned back to their old employer as CaRT volunteers. Does anyone know or is it another secret?

I could be wrong but I would imagine that the percentage of ex staff returning as volunteers must be quite large. With the top leadership and the admiration of all the ex staff. I'm sure that ex-staff volunteers could also go some way to offset the lack of job succession that has been discussed at great length previously. 

Whilst I realise in this case Richard Parry is a replacement for Robin.  It would be an excellent opportunity to give Robin a chance for his undoubted expertise to be utilised once again to CaRT's best advantage. It could be another way of offsetting the lack of role succession and set a trend for the future. I wonder who will be the next senior manager to leave and then demonstrate solidarity by returning as an unpaid volunteer?

So going back to the original question of who deserves a gong for work done in the transition period. I'm sure that someone somewhere in the management structure has done something worthwhile. I refuse to believe that we can't find a single person who has done an outstanding job. There must be someone who has gone the extra mile so to speak, in support of the transition. 

Who came up with the idea of spending donations on carving poetry on lock gates should certainly be acknowledged and suitably rewarded. I think whoever came up with the idea of a floating forest is a very special person and their talents should certainly be commended. Rather than being kept a secret, their talents should be acknowledged and rewarded.

If we can't get a publicly recognised gong in the usual way. Then maybe we should institute a Narrowboat World Award! I remember years ago the News of the World awarded a 'knight of the road' to anyone who came to the assistance of a fellow motorist. Their unselfish attitude was rewarded and the event was publically shared with everyone. 

So, who should get a NBW award for their services to the Inland Waterways?

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  1. Boris "Buffoon" Johnson sounds about right!

    Gaffs Galore

    Appears on camera only when it's good PR

    Has a pay packet that could solve all canal problems within a year

    Fits the bill {excuse pun}


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