Friday 9 August 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (12)

The smartphone revolution continues and there are now applications to provide information to make your cruise more enjoyable. Like it or not, in our modern world cell phones have become as essential to life as clothing, food, and fuel. The chances are there's a smart phone within reach at this very moment.

Want to find the nearest bus stop into the local town?

Catch That Bus is one such Android application. Price £2.99

Find out when your next bus is due at 370,000 bus stops in England (including London), Scotland and Wales. View the bus stops at your current location or search by area, street name or postcode. Save favourites for future quick access and add home screen shortcuts for super quick access. 

The app shows minutes until the bus is expected where real time information is available, otherwise it displays the scheduled bus time.Bus times are provided for almost every bus company and bus stop in the country. For Smartphone or Smart Tablet.

Bus Scout is one such Android application. (Free)

Stops, departures, routes and journey times for all mainland Britain bus, underground, tram and ferry services, now with integrated A to B route finder, all in one easy to use package.

Stop locations accurately marked on a map. Live or scheduled departures - you choose. Departures for future date/times. Routes and journey times (view as list or map) A to B route finder (direct services only) "Go to my location" function and location tracking. Advanced location search works with post codes, street addresses, places, points of interest etc.

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