Friday, 30 August 2013

Returning calls is not BW/CaRT Policy!

I have never figured out what happens to those emails and telephone texts sent to BW/CaRT. I assumed it was a big black convenient hole. That was until I read an article about the Sheffield Floods which happened way back in 2007.  Click Here to read. 

Basically its the story of a boating family caught up in a disastrous flood. Said to be a 1 in 150 year event. The lack of compassion by BW CaRT is astonishing. Then read this account of the night of the flood. Click Here

Quote: 'Telephoned Fearns Wharf - BW Regional headquarters -  and elicited a promise to ring back. Nothing. Rang again. Cried. Another promise to ring back. Nothing.'
Quote: 'Went to Fearns Wharf in Leeds to cry at them in person; not invited beyond the lobby; they said that promising to return a call had been against their policy and wrong.'
QuoteNew person from BW phoned, "Business Services Manager", to complain that I was calling too often for information. Had resolved to say "The Navigation is Closed" at the end of every sentence and had no new information to impart - recounting of the flood story and discussion of User Groups melted slightly the resolve to treat me as a nuisance.

Nothing will ever surprise me about BW senior managers who decamped to CaRT to continue the same as before.

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