Monday, 29 July 2013


Walter arrived as something of an unexpected visitor who dropped in to our mooring. He seemed to be quite friendly and outgoing. Even the dogs thought he was acceptable, though Walter did keep a wary eye on them. We were never sure where he went to of an evening, other than we knew he would return around lunch time for a drink and a bite to eat. The Gruffalo is a bit of a soft touch and Walter realised this. It came as no surprise to me that she took him under her wing so to speak. So for the last couple of weeks we have been sharing at least one meal a day with him.  After a while, he started to make himself at home and would quite happily enjoy a bath most days.

Walter Pidgeon
One day the Gruffalo mentioned that she had found a telephone number of Walter's and she had given the number a call. It turned out that our mystery visitor had gone missing a couple of weeks before whilst returning home from a long trip. The people who answered the phone seemed at first to be pleased about getting news of his whereabouts. They did advise us that Walter would hang around bumming meals from us. It seems that it is one of his nicer traits. Probably the only way we could get him to return home (Walter lives in Worksop) was if we stopped providing him with board and lodgings. The Gruffalo decided that instead of turning him away. She might just take him home in the car. So she contacted the number again to get the address. This time there was a distinct lack of any interest in us taking Walter back home. 

So it looks like the chirpy little old character will be staying with us for a while longer. Each morning, usually just before lunch (you could almost set your watch) Walter is still turning up for a free lunch. He seems to have a distinct preference for cereals and rice to anything else. Then after he has had a good meal and a long drink. Walter will be off once again again to where ever he hangs out. We quite like him, after all, Walter is one very special Pidgeon.

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