Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer Cruise 2013 (1)

Tinsley Marina to Sir Frank Price Lock

After all the wonderful sunshine of the last week or two. Today the rains came, thunder and lightening over night heralded the arrival of a huge downpour just before dawn. We delayed our start down the flight to let it blow over for a while. 

Typical summer weather was highlighted on the BBC weather report. 
BBC weather report: "There is an increasing risk that many parts of England, Wales and Scotland will see thunderstorms or longer spells of thundery rain during the course of Tuesday, with some torrential downpours in places. The peak risk transfers northeastwards with time and will be clear of most central and southwestern areas by evening. The public should be aware of the risk of localised disruption to travel, and more generally to summer holiday activities, due to, for example, surface water flooding."

Morning: Dark and dank so a bit of reading on the Kindle was called for. Then we plugged in a load of bits that will run on battery power after we let go of the mains connection on the moorings. A rumpled pair of soggy dogs after their morning walk were quite eager to get back to their dry billet. 

Afternoon: We set off at 1pm. Our destination has not been set, but we were thinking of cruising up the River Trent and maybe along the Fossdyke and the River Welland to Boston. But a few days ago we decided that a cruise on the Leeds Liverpool returning via the Rochdale Canal would give us a good challenge. The crew boss was given a certificate for completing the summit a couple of years ago.  It has take up until now to get over that journey. We were caught in a downpour at Rotherham Town Lock and so we stopped for two hours to sit out the rain.

CaRT is getting to make quite a habit of vehicles on the towpath ending up in the canal. However, we have just learned that a JCB has now ended up in the canal at Bingley. 

Evening: We found a mooring at Eastwood lock. There are several boats waiting here to go up the Tinsley flight which is closed to boats going up the flight. But it is open to boats coming down the flight. Does not make a great deal of sense to me either.

Wildlife: Quite a few dragonflies spotted, including hawkers and chasers. One put on a wonderful and amazing display of dexterity as it chased down an insect. It was passing our faces with only inches to spare. In the afternoon a pair of Buzzards put on a second flying display as they spiraled down chasing each other as they drifted south. In the evening several Pipistrelle bats were detected.

Cruise Starting Total.
Miles: 1438.9
Locks: 955
Swing / Lift Bridges: 189
Tunnels. 24
Pump Outs: 14
Engine Hours: 2577.5
Solar Panels: 9278 Ah

Todays Total.
Miles: 4.8
Locks: 15
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels. 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 9.5
Solar Panels: 20 Ah

Accumulated Total.
Miles: 1443.7
Locks: 970
Swing / Lift Bridges: 189
Tunnels. 24
Pump Outs: 14
Engine Hours: 2581.6
Solar Panels: 9298 Ah

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