Wednesday 17 July 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (5)

The smartphone revolution continues and there are now applications to provide information to make your cruise more enjoyable. Now you can do your bit by creating your own log of types and the locations of waterways birds, insects and mammals.

Wildlife Log is one such Android smartphone application. (FREE)

If you like keeping track of all the wildlife you encounter then this is the app for you! Simply tap "New Entry" and the latitude, longitude, date and time are auto-populated. Then just enter the name, location specifics, and any notes. After "Add to List" is tapped, the app automatically generates an email to any address you provide. 

The data arrives in csv format so it is easy to add to a spreadsheet. Use the tinyDB to review your entries. Even though an email address is required I assure you the app only sends it to your inbox. Cancel the email prompt and use the app as a static wildlife log.


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