Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Message in a bottle

I came across this little snippet of waterways fun yesterday... 

Its a sort of message in a bottle, that has been cast adrift via any number of unknown routes. What a wonderful idea for bit of boating fun. Thought up by Simon Greer. Basically you get to send a picture postcard via any number of different boats which will occur at random, addressed to some other boater on the cut. Like a message in a bottle, who knows maybe one day a similar message will wash up on your boat.

I will reciprocate by return of post!

Click Here

If you want to send me a nice picture postcard, address it to:

The Grumpy Boater
Rose of Arden
Tinsley Marina
South Yorkshire Navigation
Sheffield and Tinsley Canal.



  1. I don't think it will work as well for sending post back, CCs have a lack of useful address; however they make great mail people.

    1. Sending an email to a CCer would have problems along the route. Unless they are a blogger and then you might find their current location and direction of travel or intended destination from their blog.


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