Saturday 29 June 2013

Bleak Times

We are now living in bleak times. Our present is haunted by uncertainty and a growing feeling of hopelessness. It seems like Britain future is looking like a return to Victorian England. The poor have their support taken away one by one. While the rich get even richer through advantageous tax breaks. 

Now even our bedrooms are being taxed. The welfare state that we created to protect ourselves in times of need is being slashed to the core. Even the most vulnerable in society, the disabled are losing their benefits. While we sit and watch as more and more of the essential public services are cut. We are now living once more under the rule of a Victorian capitalist aristocracy. Welcome to our “broken big society” where Cameron did much of the slashing and burning. 

Yet the ultra rich multinational corporations are allowed to evade paying tax which is treated almost like a perk of the system. The people who brought about the banking crisis still enjoy huge salaries and even bigger bonuses. MP's fiddle their expenses and flip second homes. Where the people we elected to represent us, get huge cash bungs just for asking questions. Now MP's are seeking a huge pay rise because they think themselves to be under paid and under valued for what they do.

You can't make it up!


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