Saturday 25 May 2013

Rip Off Railways

The Gruffalo wanted to go from Sheffield to Birmingham to visit number one daughter, Dr Steph. Her normal mode of transport is by National Express. The cost of the journey from Sheffield to Birmingham with National Express was £15.50. So as an alternative, we decided to look at the cost of travel from Sheffield to Birmingham by train. 

10:57 Sheffield
11:51 Derby
12:33 Birmingham New Street

Single from Sheffield to Birmingham cost £29.00. However, a cheap Standard Single from Sheffield to Derby cost £8.00. A cheap Standard Single from Derby to Birmingham cost £7.00. Total £15.00 

This is erxactly the same train, so there is no need to alight or to change at Derby. Yet if we book through travel from Sheffield to Birmingham its £29.00 Split the journey into two tickets Sheffield to Derby and Derby to Birmingham the cost is only £15.00. Which compares well with the coach.

And the trains were privatised by Thatcher to create competition, force down prices and increase efficiency.... Yea Right!


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