Saturday 27 April 2013

Restoration Scheme in Jeopardy

Lichfield Canal Restoration Scheme in Jeopardy.

Volunteer work has been delayed on the restoration of the Lichfield Canal with a recent major theft of tools equipment from the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust’s (LHCRT) security compound in Lichfield.

Thieves cut locks of the storage containers and stole power and other tools, one of the major items being the generator that provides electricity to drive other equipment on the site.  A Forensic Officer of Staffordshire Police was there shortly afterwards and the crime is being investigated.

LHCRT Financial Director, Bob Williams, said the theft was a set-back to the present highly successful restoration work at this location and has appealed for help from any organisations, companies or individuals who may have spare tools, or can offer LHCRT any other assistance with this current problem as it has brought work to a halt in Darnford Park, Lichfield.

The value of the stolen items is approaching £10,000 which is a half of the Trusts Annual income and it is a major blow to the many unpaid volunteers who are out in all weathers raising money for the Restoration as well as the the members who spend time on the ground helping to restore the Canal.

 Bob Williams can be contacted on 01543 671427.

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