Saturday 16 March 2013

Not what it seems

What people say can sometimes be quite bizarre. Why is it that people say "I slept like a baby" meaning that they have had a good nights sleep. However, we all know that young babies often wake up several times during the night. So the truth can often be confusing and not factually correct.

To prove the point, I shall tell you the story of a young woman who was very depressed and decided to end it all by throwing herself into the canal. Just as she was about to do so though, a young handsome sailor ran down the towpath and talked her out of it. He said "Look, you are young, beautiful and very very voluptuous  There is so much you could do with you life. In fact, my ship is leaving Goole in the morning and sailing for America. I'll smuggle you on board, it will take about a month to get there. I will make sure you have plenty of food. If you'll just help me pass the lonely evening hours, I will get you across the Atlantic to America where you can start a whole new life."

The story sounded very plausible to the young women. The idea of a new start and a new life in America made her feel much better. the sailor was a handsome cove, so she took up living secretly in a cabin on board the boat. Every evening the sailor would bring her some food and the two would spend the night together. After about a week of this the skipper discovered the woman hiding in the sailor's cabin. "What are you doing in here?" asked the skipper. "Well, I have a deal with one of your sailors. He is smuggling me over to America, and he's screwing me." "I'll say!" replied the captain. "This is the Humber Dredger."


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