Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two years and counting

I don't know why, maybe its down to the snow (though me and Poppy did have a good time throwing and chasing snowballs along the towpath) and feeling at a loose end and a bit bored.... So, in a moment of madness I went to have a look at what's happening in my old place of work. (I left 2 years ago) I started by reading bits and pieces that were  available on-line. It was nice in one way to do a bit of a catch up. Then I went to have a look at my old bosses blog. Oh! they have been busy, the blog was full of stuff with about "IT infrastructure, the corporate review and governance" I was enthralled, it was as I was reading the headings that a glazed look took over. I came to a sudden and deep realisation that I had been more than ready to walk away.

I got a return of the old feelings. Which were a bit like the enjoyment I could get from watching paint dry. Two years further on and the loathing for the salt mine had not abated one iota. This started me thinking about a job opportunity that had come along about ten years previously. It would have been challenging and very different from my old role. I would have had a great deal more autonomy and I am sure that I would still be doing the job today. But that was then and this is now. Maybe an opportunity missed opened up the opportunity I'm enjoying now. I can't emphasise how much I am enjoying early retirement.

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What I had missed, was the way of life that I enjoyed in my early career in academia. At at time when there was much more engagement between staff and students. We were all on first name terms. We coalesced into diverse groups of colleagues and friends. Today, that methodology of working has been consigned to the dustbin. Interaction is via email, there is no time to sit around and have a discussion. Add hoc education has been sacrificed on the altar of planning groups, think tanks, production lines and pragmatism. 

Now, I can spend my time reading or going for a walk. I can perhaps  indulge myself by feeding the birds or having a nap. My time is my own, there are no pressures to meet a deadline.  I can lay back with closed eyes and muse over any issues. I can formulate opinions and make personal decisions once more. It's a lovely warm self satisfied feeling and one I shall remind myself about from time to time.  Yes, I'm very philosophical today!


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