Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Creating a Conservation Area.

There have been over the last few years a number of trees within the marina that have been vandalised. The damage continues to take place and though it has been brought to the attention of CART. CART have not taken any positive steps to identify culprits and to eradicate the problem. 

The environmentally responsible boaters living and mooring within the Marina feel grieved by the apparent lack of positive action and now feel that we should look at other ways of protecting the marina environment. One such method would be the creation of a local "Conservation Area." 

Though a conservation area is a ‘national designation’, local authorities have the power to designate conservation areas in any area of 'special architectural or historic interest'.  This 'specialness' is judged against local and regional criteria, rather than national importance as is the case with listing. 

The Tinsley canal is situated within a special architectural area with an abundance of history and industrial revolution importance. The marina is also situated within the Tinsley flight of locks. Within a local conservation area the local authority has extra controls over any planned demolition, any minor developments and the protection of trees. A designation as a conservation area would give our trees the additional protection they need and would be a significant driver to making enforcement more effective than it is at this time.

From various conversations it has become apparent that the group of trees which were vandalised recently. Was due to their height and location blocking the signal for a satellite television installation located on a boat. Jokes about how good the satellite television reception is and now. And how it was fortuitous that the trees were blown down during a quiet period of weather. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Speak volumes.

However, it is not the first instance of trees being vandalised at Tinsley marina for exactly the same reason. I wonder if it will be the last.


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