Friday 23 March 2012

Spurious Question

I am not sure why, but I have been asked by email the following question. "What are your favourite, and least favourite, television shows.  My husband laughs at the shows I watch and I think he spends way too much time watching sport."

Now unless I am being confused for an Agony Aunt or as would be in my case an Agony Uncle. Or more accurate Agony Grandad! Maybe someone has just pressed the wrong button in or on the inter-web. I'm not at all sure why I should be asked - but I will bite the bullet and try and give my best advice. 

I am not sure that it is possible to be watching too much sport. However this is a perception you have in common with the majority of wives and girl friends. For men its the same with women who watch soaps operas. The ladies think and feel that sport plays to much of an important part in their partners lives. The partners feel exactly the same about the girls and their obsessive fanaticism in a make believe program.

OK Mrs, my favourite genre of television program is nature based. For me its programs like Spring watch and Autumn watch. But I also have a thing about anything with David Attenborough involved. I also like most sports, including Formula one, Football and my team - Manchester United. Being a biker I also like to watch Moto-GP.

My least favourite programmes are Darts, Soaps and Alternative Comedy. Working on the assumption that the alternative to comedy is non comedy. Most of the alternative comedy shows have lived up to my expectation. Darts is like washing your feet and leaving your shoes socks on. My personal hate is any of the television soaps. How can I put this in a delicate way.... Soap's are after all, just brain numbing fodder for the unthinking masses.

Where is Joan Bakewell when you need her!

I hope that answers your question. It has certainly made me question why you asked!


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