Wednesday 29 February 2012

Leap Year

Its a leap year - a time when the girls decide in a more forceful way who they might choose to settle down with. But, (there is always a but) I have a bit of advice to share before you set your jib on the stormy waters of life. I thought about remaining a bachelor - bringing up my kids with the same ethos. But (I told you there is always a but) I relented in the end. Well to be honest I sort of agreed whilst watching football. I can remember the score, I can't remember saying yes!

I have been cogitating again. I know its not good for me, anything that is in my opinion good - is always described as bad - by some spoilsport anyway. I find that life reflects the seasons in so many ways. Whereas with good luck and good health we might see a good few physical seasons. Life seasons are however a one time event.

Deciding where I am on the seasonal cycle is not easy.

I know that I have done the spring season of life, and we all know what a young mans thoughts turn to in spring. (any remaining twinkle in my eye is only a reflection off my bifocals, I have discovered that I can get by without nookie but not without my glasses) So I have moved on from here.

I have now completed the summer season of life, the crops have been sown, nurtured, ripened and gathered in. But there is a price to pay for all this time spent on the seeds. I know that I am a bit frayed around the edges, well OK maybe a bit tatted and torn is a better description. (but when you wake up, look in the bathroom mirror and see your driver's license picture, you know its a bad day) So I have moved on from here.

I think I am in the latter bit of the autumnal part of the life cycle. The combine has been and our seeds have been collected and then scattered to the four winds. So far - some of our seed has fallen on stony ground but others have found foreign soil to set down roots. With this change of season also comes the memory problems. (I can't even remember the time when my wild oats turned to shredded wheat)

Suddenly comes the realisation that with all your life experiences, you actually know all the answers, but now being seen by others as an old curmudgeon, nobody bothers to ask you the questions.

For me - Happy Hour - is taking a nap!


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