Tuesday 7 February 2012

Boaters Alphabet (O)

This is one of an occasional series of entries into my blog. The "Boaters Alphabet" today's letter is O and is for Overboard. The time in anyone's boating life when someone goes over the side of a boat and enters into the water. An uncomfortable experience at any time, but much worse when the water is very cold.

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I love everything about living near the ocean from the smell of low tide to the salty air. I'm inspired by the sea and love sharing my experiences, photos and ocean treasures I've found along the way. Sidney

is for Old Salt a sailor with many years of sailing experience. Careworn wrinkled and lined, a testimony of many hours afloat. Seawater runs in their veins, not blood. Many thousands of miles and many decades of voyages to distant ports.

is for On The Beach, a time when a sailor comes ashore for the last time. The retirement to a life ashore but still close to the water. I have retired from the beach to the water. Someone has it to do, retirement is not easy, last year was my turn.

Outboard motor - Engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, drive shaft and propeller.
Oakum - A material made of tarred hemp or manila rope fibres, used for caulking to make watertight.
Oar - A pole with a blade at the end used to row a rowboat.
Oarlock - A device to attach oars to a rowboat, allowing the operator to row the boat.
Offshore - Away from land, toward the water.
On Board - On or in a ship.
Onshore - Toward the shore.


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