Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Soggy Summer and Lycra Louts!

Remember the spring and an Easter that included such a long hot dry spell. We all thought it might be the harbinger of a magnificent summer to follow. It was after all the hottest spring in 118 years. Many were looking forward to a spell of good weather to coincide with the school summer holiday break. Some families had made plans for a staying in the UK holiday. Hoping to enjoy a period of warm weather cruising on the canals. However, the Met Office forecasters are now predicting we are about to have the coolest summer in the last twenty years.

The Met Office reported that the average temperature in June only just reached 13.8C (57C) and this is now the coldest June since 1991. The increase in the spring temperatures was also accompanied by a reduced amount of rainfall. The April showers failed to materialise. Hosepipe bans were about to be implemented in some areas. Talk about the national water grid raised it head again.

Recently the summer weather has taken a turn for the worse and good amounts of rain have fallen since the drought ended at the start of June. The Met Office have recorded over 80mm average across the whole of Britain in June. June has been the worst month for summer sunshine since 2008, with only180 hours recorded, the lowest average for three years. More of the same sort of weather pattern is expected to follow in July. With only a little over four weeks until we start our late summer cruise, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the "Man at the Met" gets his long term predictions wrong.

I have a question...

What is the speed limit for pedal cyclists on a canal towpath, I am sure that British waterways will have one in place. I ask because I spotted a large group of cyclists (all wearing their pink and black lunch box Lycra) peddling well in excess of 30mph along the towpath this morning.


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