Thursday, 31 March 2011

That sinking feeling!

I did not sleep very well last night.

I am one of those people who know that they have dreams. Don't we all?  However, I can only remember the vaguest of details afterwards.  For me, to have the most vague recollection  it also needs to be a real heavy duty nightmare.

In the small hours of this morning, I was awake in an instant. I was sitting up in bed with a feeling of terror. It was a few seconds before I realised that I was actually in my safe, comfortable, kingsize plus, warm bed! The feelings of terror then subside and turn into to feelings of relief. Feelings which come with the realisation that it was only a nightmare after all.


As is usual with me, I have only the dim recollection of the actual details. But it seems that I was on Rosie and in one of the bottom pair of locks at Hillmorton. For some reason Rosie was stuck on the cill and the lock paddles would not close. Now it has been well over a year since we last passed through Hillmorton. Why I should sub-consciously choose Hillmorton I have no idea.

However, the last time we went on the North Oxford through Hillmorton  there was a sunken boat in one of the pounds. I remember looking in through the windows and seeing the owners belongings floating around inside. There was nothing we could do to rescue the boat or the owners belongings, it was far to late. The dream slow motion picture in my head look something like what happened to narrow-boat "Abigale" in a lock at Worcester some years ago.

The sinking of a much cherished boat must be dreadful. Everyone covers themselves with the protective blanket of insurance. However, all the insurance in the world could never replace Rosie in our lives.

So as I now have more free time on my hands I have started to do a bit of background reading about dreams.  Sleep researchers believe that certain people have a genetic disposition to forget their dreams as they come out of their sleep. So that is something of a relief.

There is no scientific proof that dreams can predict and foretell the future. People have had dreams that eventually came true afterwards. This can be explained because their dreams were mere coincidences. So that is also something of a relief.

Do we dream in colour, according to the research it seems that we do. But to the best of my awareness I don't remember if the dream was in colour or monochrome. Which makes me think about feelings of Déjà vu being some remnant of a dream.  Déjà vu is a French phrase meaning "already seen" is the experience of feeling one has already experienced the current situation. Even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.

The human mind is a complex thing, mine obviously is quite simple!


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