Tuesday 1 March 2011

I want to break free!

In the words of the immortal Freddy Mercury "I want to break free", has come to be.

Yes it's official - as of the 28th of February 2011, I am now one of those scroungers on the dole. So at dinner time, I presented myself in the local pub for the ritual leaving drink. It was nice to see a few old friendly faces. There was the usual leaving card with various snippets telling me to "go away" and to "go now". Best of all, I was presented with a watch - made of titanium - to which I said in my acceptance mumble, "thanks and now I will have even more time on my hands."

Then returning to my office, just to say goodbye to my close colleagues and to set my out of office email message to "Elvis has left the building". As well as sending the usual goodbye email message round the faculty. The Memsahib came to collect me and we walked out of the university together. Down the steps, pausing on the last step into the street. I said "I am now retired" as we stepped onto the pavement. It was a poignant moment and the Memsahib had a tear in her eye. I had a spring in my step. Mag's sees this as the end of and era, I see it as a new challenge for the future. We are like chalk and cheese, and that's exactly why it works so well.

The University and myself parted company amicably with the exchange of a large pile of shekels pushed in my direction. This morning I awoke at my customary 6:10 am as usual. The Memsahib was also stirring  so I got up and brewed a cup of "Chai" tea for us both. If you are a tea drinker and you want something good in a morning to get you up and going, you could do a lot worse than a good cup of Twinings Chai. The trick is to let it brew well as the full taste takes a while to develop.

It was then that I realised I would be staying at chateau "Wits End" and only the Memsahib would be going to work today. I awoke her with a quick peck on the cheek saying "Tea Up" followed by "It's good to know that I'm now a kept man" The memsahib has a way of speaking with her eyes, as one eye slowly opened and the malevolence shone out bright. I thought - time for a strategic withdrawal - and set off to make some porridge and toast. The calming influence of the Chai seemed to have worked and the Memsahib was her usual self by the time the morning ablution ritual finished.

So today, I start the task of unburdening ourselves of much of the chattel we have accumulated over the years. So I shall be putting various books up on Amazon as my first task. Then me and the dog will be spending a bit of time going for a good leisurely walk for a couple of hours. Wash the car and wash a couple of the motorcycles in the garage. I need to pressure wash the patio and then clean out the log burner stove as it has not been out for over three months. Then I need to... err, a sudden thought struck me "I have so much on - however did I have time to work." 

Just what is it that I have retired from exactly?



  1. Shouldn't that be
    The immortal words of Freddie
    the words of the imortal Freddie
    given that he is not immortal and very dead!!!

  2. Maffi, I like to think of Freddie just like I think of Elvis. In the words of Freddie "who want to live forever" for me they are both immortal, because they will both live on forever. In the minds and memories of fans now and fans of the future.



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