Friday, 10 December 2010

Student fees

I watched question time on the BBC last night, and as expected the student fees was high on the agenda. With a dishonest coalition government like this - can we believe anything they say now and in the future. What does this hold for the future of the waterways.

When it comes to discussing student fees, first I have to declare an interest. I work in a University. We have several doctors in the family. First of all, I am in favour of student fees - I am also in favour of those fees being paid from the public purse. The money we invest in sending our children to University, is exactly that, an investment in our collective future.

After all, all of our graduates will be the ones paying taxes in the future. Today's students and graduates actually benefit our country and bode well for its future. The graduate workers of tomorrow will be funding our state supplied provision like pensions and the NHS.

Is it such a bad thing, to fund their education. If I was an apprentice, my employer would be expected fund my training. We need to realise that if we want the best for our future. We have to provide the required funding, commitment and training.
When I go to hospital or to my doctors surgery for my state funded medical services. It will be carried out by doctors and nurses who have spent years and years of study and long hours on the wards. Gaining expertise and skills which would be used to maintain my health and well being.
Should we charge them for having that privilege.
If a student after graduation who wants to save the fees repayment - they can always move abroad. This is the reverse process of our National Health Service. Which is often staffed by graduates from third world countries. We take the best from poorer countries impoverishing their already overstretched medically trained human resources.
Why do our qualified medical students for instance move abroad. Shorter hours, better pay and conditions and their hard earned knowledge and skills are valued and recognised. Sounds good to me and it sounded good to my daughter.

What has come good however, is the politicising of students and other young people. They have witnessed the MP's expenses scandal. Where politicians of all persuasions were in the trough as deep as their snouts would reach. They have seen politicians lie for their vote and renege on promises. They have a good memory that will last them a lifetime.

Remember - you can always tell when a politician is lying - their lips move.





  1. The students involved in these protests seem to be missing some of the points in the policy and some seemed intent on attending the protest to cause trouble and damage to property. They get no sympathy from our household.

  2. I don't think the students are looking for any sympathy. I think that what they are looking for is honesty, integrity and moral fibre. All of which is missing in the various colours and flavours of our political masters.

    This is a new Thatcher poll tax style lesson learned by the student body. Now another generation of our youth and students have been politicised and encouraged to be anti establishment.


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