Wednesday, 27 October 2010

We have been delayed

Well, if your reading this, it will prove that on Blogger the delayed posting system has worked. Not only that but we will be able to brag about getting back from enjoying two weeks in the warmer climb of the Greek islands. All blog postings made over the last two weeks on here, were prepared in advance. Then put on the blogger scheduler for automated posting.

We have visited the Greek mainland and also done a few Greek Islands in the past including Crete, Thasos and Santorini. This is a new Greek Island to add to our check-list. We stayed near Lindos on  the Island of Rhodes. This holiday was organised by way of a birthday present from me to the Memsahib. I have been instructed to play down any speculation of the actual birthday number. So, please note "there is nothing of any significance about the Memsahib's birthday" OK. However, there has been a "D" notice issued and a total media blackout ordered on any publication of the Memsahibs age.

What do you buy as a small additional gift for someone who has already been lucky enough in life to win over my love and affection. Sixty red roses - No that's far to old a concept and far too twee.  A deep maroon Moroccan Leather bus pass holder with gold inlay bindings - No, that's a bit too much "antique roadshow".  Looks like it will have to be the traditional Ann Summers gift voucher again. But how the Memsahib expects to keep warm of an evening in all that skimpy, neglileg, body hugging stuff beats me.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!


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