Wednesday, 7 July 2010

First voyage (resumed) II

We left Doncaster at 20:10 in the evening on the 2nd of July 2010.

I did one of my better reverses out into the canal, I'm starting to be good at this. Our first challenge came instantly when we met with the very large "Humber Princess" on a tight bend near Greyfriars Wharf just before Doncaster Town Lock. She was returning empty from off loading oil in Rotherham.

See UTube video here.

When we got to the Doncaster Town Lock the lock was set against us. However, we eventually passed through the lock with a few minor problems with the entry gates sticking. There are some major works being done at this point and the three contractors boats are moored on the lock moorings, leaving little room for getting crew on and off the boat safely.

It was at this point that we started to use a pair of walkie-talkie 446Mhz radios just to keep in closer touch with each other. The locks on this section of canal are so big that we found that we were sometimes out of earshot and sight with each other.

Once we got through Doncaster Town Lock we made good time towards Sprotborough. Whilst heading up river we met up with the Lady Wyre on a booze cruise, the incumbents were already in a noisy party mood.  Sprotborough lock, once again was set against us. As the Lady Wyre must have recently passed down through the lock. I figured we were following another boat. On the other side of the lock, at the offside moorings there were several boats tied up for the night. I hoped that these were the boats in front passing through the locks and that the other locks further along would now be set in our favour.

We made good time to the Mexborough Bottom Lock arriving at 10 pm just as the light was finaly giving out. When I checked the lock, surprise surprise was set against us. We moored up for the night just below the lock. In reality we should have passed through the lock as the moorings above the lock were much better. However, it was getting dark very quickly and we had done the last quarter of an hour with the navigation lights and headlamp on.

We will need an early start in the morning to make up time to get to Eastwood Lock for 8am.


Distance today 7 miles, 2 locks 0 swing bridges.
Running Total 72 miles, 11 locks and 8 swing bridges

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