Sunday 20 June 2010


(Saturday) The handover went very well as the previous owners Ken and Lynda spent a good while giving us a good grounding of the quirks of the electrical and other on-board systems. We went into the café next to the Torksey lock for coffee and pastries all round, a brilliant first day. We had such a good time, that we never got round to starting up the engine!

I never wanted to be a rich person and it looks like my ambition in life is still on track to come true. Now that  we have finally brought together all of our resources and purchased our new Mid whoops "late life crisis" toy for us both. Whilst reading this blog you might be forgiven for thinking that the Memsahib was the quieter of the two of us. She is in fact the feisty and fiery one, in this duo. As for Moi! Well I am the outgoing, fun loving, tea total, party pooper you might expect! I have an opinion on everything which I am happy to share and you won't even need to ask for it.

Some people would spend all their life in the pub and to be honest since the smoking ban, I have come to spend more time in them myself. But, it has to be said I just can't take my drink, I don't become troublesome if I have a few sherbets. No! I become even more lethargic than normal! Which is a good statement for someone who is well accomplished in all the states of Nirvāṇa and transcendental lethargy! Nirvāṇa for me is perfect peace, its a time when I find it difficult to contain my indifference! Nirvāṇa is a state of mind that is free from craving and anger and filled with the urge to sail the boat.

(Sunday) Took the boat out for a cruise along the Fossdyke today. She certainly has some grunt and she steers very well. Did a few emergency stops and did a few turns on one or two of the quiet stretches of canal.  Had a few hours going through the manuals to get to grips with the electrics and electronics. Later I moored up to watch the football Italy -v- New Zealand. I was willing the NZ side to win as one of our children lives in Christchurch.  Tomorrow, I shall be doing a bit more of the same just to get a better feel for the boat. I quiet enjoyed single handing, as the Memsahib is busy working and keeping me in the style to which I have become accustomed. So it was just me and the Pop's the dog having a good time.

Total Distance 10 miles 0 locks 0 swing bridges.

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