Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Memsahib returns.

I seem to have been somewhat remiss of late in keeping the blog up to date. But, comparing Wits-End the blog with other canal based blogs it would seem that it is in keeping with the occasional hiatus in postings.

Well I am back and so is the Memsahib from her trip to the Canary Islands. She was booked on one of the first flights out of the East Midlands Airport after the big whoo haa! over the dust cloud coming down from Iceland. A change of weather opened up a clear passage and she winged it off to the sun leaving me and poppy to manage as best we can. So I have not been sunning myself or indulging in a few beers whilst living on Pizza or Fish and Chips. No! I have been very good and replaced the soffits on the house.

Later the Memsahib was on one of the last flights to come back to the UK as the dust cloud was carried off in a different direction by the prevailing wind patterns. It seems that flights in and out of southern Europe continue to be at risk.

So what's been happening on the narrow boat front.
We finally have all the bits and pieces in place after a long struggle and we should finally take ownership in the next month or so. We had the boat lifted from the water, pressure cleaned and a full survey was then carried out. It proved to be an exceptionally good survey as Ian Lumley who did the survey was unable to find a single issue, not even a broken bulb. Ian, who was recommended to us provided a very comprehensive report of the survey including pictures of the boat out of the water. We cannot recommend Ian's services highly enough.


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