Friday, 30 April 2010

I do like to read other blogs

I do like to read other blogs from time to time. Some are visited infrequently because they are not updated on a regular basis. Mostly I vist whenever something reminds me to have a quick check. Others I look at weekly and catch up with their news. I am for the most part a passive reader and don't do much in the way of giving feedback or comment. I do tend to read the Granny Buttons blog a couple of times a week. Generally I find it a worthwhile read.

Well I had not been round to Granny Button's place for a week or more. Today, my attention was caught by a posting entitled "Comedy writer on Granny Buttons" Basically, its two gentle protagonists who are metaphorically circling each other in words. I don't know why it is, but I have the feeling that issues like this bring out the best in people. In the guise of a gentle exchange of flippant, throwaway, point scoring comments that are very very funny.

The gist is "comedy writer" Geoff Tristram, was not best pleased, with a posting on Andrew Denny's Granny Buttons blog.

Andrew wrote " The trouble is that when you say someone's a comedy writer, you are saying 'funny, ha-ha'. But the point of good comedy writing in newspapers isn't that it's funny, but that it's true - at least in a greater sense - only with a happy ending. You can't be a comedy Gestapo and tell someone 'Vee haff vays of making you laff'. The humour is what we find inside ourselves as we read it."

Geoff wrote "The reason I am a little miffed is that you seem to have enjoyed having a little snipe at me, even though we have never met, for no reason whatsoever. Or was it because I guessed correctly that your wife has a bushy beard and an accordion?"

By way of a riposte Andrew commented "Geoff is embarrassingly perceptive about my wife - how did he know? Is there a secret camera somewhere? I haven't let her outside my bedroom since I married her and blew her up."

Perceptively Andrew said "The humour is what we find inside ourselves as we read it." That’s very true. Gentlemen, please continue the banter - I for one find it to be very very funny.

By the way Geoff, looking at your writings you pass comment on many groups of people all of which you could not have met. Lighten up, as a "writer of comedy rather than a comedy writer" don't give out what your not prepared to accept. Glass houses and stones come to mind.


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