Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Huston the eagle has landed.

The Hard working Boater
By David Blagrove

I’m a hard working boater and sharp as a knife
I’ve worked on the Junction for most of me life,
Wi’ a pair of steel boats, seven kids and a wife,
I fancy I’ll carry on boating.

I’ve fought with me windlass and taken some knocks
From the Brummagem wharves to the Weston Point Docks,
And I’ve fought for me turn on the Camden Town Locks
When I’m wanted in Limehouse for loading.

Meself and me missis have nearly been drowned
When working by night on the fifteen mile pound,
Wi’ a big load of spelter for Birmingham bound,
And the weather has been pretty bloody.

I’ve been down to Oxford with a load of D.S,
Fifty-five tons out of Griff Arm, no less,
And I’ve boated to Wellingbro’, two boats abreast,
When the water’s been coming down floody.

You can talk of your rail and your old Highway Code,
But there’s nowt like a pair wi’ a fifty ton load,
When your butty swims well and you get a good road
Right over the Cowroast to Leighton.

So wind up your motor and let your blades churn,
Keep a sharp eye on the oil that you burn,
And feel for the snatch from the butty astern,
And don’t keep the company waiting.
Day six - the last day and the sun has come out at last.

After a very peaceful night at the Hillmorton. I awoke bright and early and two cups of tea were soon ready. It was something of an anti-climax that our weeks holiday was coming to an end. But it had been an enjoyable if cold winter cruise. I wandered up to the locks at Hillmoreton in time to see the Cheese Boat exiting the bottom lock.

Our cruise consisted of a trip along the northern section of the Oxford canal, (Hillmorton - Hawkesbury) the whole of the Ashby canal and southern part of the Coventry canal (Marston - Coventry basin).

6 days, 4 locks, 90 miles and 40 litres of fuel.

On our way back we paid a visit to Braunston then Crick and even called into Sawley Marina.

Back to work on tomorrow... Ugh!


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