Thursday, 13 March 2014

Foghorn Leghorn CaRT Ambassador

Brian Blessed

If you think about our inland waterways for a moment, then think about the actor Brian Blessed. Would you choose him to be a Celebrity Canal Ambassador. After all, Blessed doesn't own a boat. Whenever I see Brian Blessed I am always minded about the cartoon cockerel 'Foghorn Leghorn'. Because they both have a problem in speaking in a normal voice. But the Canal and River Trust chose Brian Blessed - I can only hope he came cheep. (pun intended)

Foghorn Leghorn
Both are well known for their wings and scanty clad chicken thighs allied with a booming voice and an 'A' level in shouting. Then I began to think about it a little more - suddenly I realised the real 'Foghorn Leghorn' would make a good Celebrity Canal Ambassador. After all, he has all the attributes. Foghorn is big and brash with a mouth to match. I can see it now. CaRT volunteers all dressed up in Flash Gordon and Foghorn Leghorn costumes. After all, Foghorn Leghorn is one of the 'Loony Tunes' gang of characters. I'm sure that Blessed would also get accepted as a member, so that must be a good recommendation.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    You've obviously not been keeping up with NarrowboatWorld where it is reported that Brian Blessed was not paid, and as we all know NBW ..tells it like it is.



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