Saturday, 1 September 2012

Location - Location.

The flat earth society has been dismissed out of hand for many years since we found out that you can't sail over the edge. (Don't tell CART) Religion in all of it's various flavours has also suffered a few setbacks. Fluctuating numbers of promised virgins for suicide bomber martyrs. However, more recently the whole subject of same sex marriage has had the followers howling in the isles. But for those with a leaning towards Christianity there is some good news.

Attendance is still strong in the tiny village of  Shingō  Japan. The location where villagers are certain that Jesus Christ is buried. About 500 tourists joined the celebration on June 3 (my birthday and the day of Madge's jubilee), in honour of Jesus' relocation there (presumably a voluntary journey from Calvary after the crucifixion). According to legend, he lived out his life in Shingo uneventfully and a festival with dancing girls marks the anniversary. It's not known if they are virgins and what the numbers might be.



  1. Greetings comrade,

    Perhaps people are waking up to the fact that there are so many different gods, with so many different rules & regs for being a follower in this world none of them are real.

    As a child I had to go to church with mom n pops, I could see all the contradictions then. Including those who'd had affairs with each other, got divorced & re-married. (Still accepted). And then there's the sexual abuse which isn't accepted & still goes on.

    So they should move with the times & allow gay marriage for happy couples.

    If this posts, at last the marina wi-fi allows it!

    Heth the Feth

  2. Aha it worked! They've ironed out a few creases this week ;)

  3. Welcome back to the virtual land of the Inter-webby-thing. It's so good when the digit electrickery whatsit works. I'v started to get all the technical terminology sorted now.

    The good thing about standards and gods is that there are so many to choose from. This week I have joined the church of the pop-up toaster. Next week I'm thinking about joining the church of the CART hallelujah. They will take me down the canal for a quick baptism. Well, I hope its for a baptism as they muttered someting about putting me in the canal with the others.


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