Saturday, 4 May 2013

Today in Merkovo

Had a word with my friend Aleksandr Orlov over at and he redirected me to an insurance company where we insured our new two wheeled fun machine. Selling the Honda Pan Euro was a difficult choice and one that we have regretted from time to time. So we have invested a few shekels in a Maxi Scooter from the Italian stable of Gilera.

The Gilera Nexus 500 has a low centre of gravity and a low seat height so that the Gruffalo can get her feet down. The bike can keep up motorway speeds with ease with a top speed of about 100 mph..



  1. and does it fit on the narrowboat?

    I am booked in at Tinsley for Thursday leaving Eastwood at 8am. hmmm. Hoping to meet son possibly at Murderhall if he can get there. If you are not free then perhaps I could catch you on the way back out again next week?

    1. Hi Kath.

      We do have a small monkey bike that could fit onto the boat. However the scooter is a bit too big.

      The paddles on Rotherham town lock are usually left up a couple of clicks on each set of gates to let a small amount of water pass through.

      Ickles lock should be operated with care. Just crack the paddles a small amount otherwise your boat will bounce around a bit.

      The lock keeper will meet up at Holmes Lock and will usually have the lock set ready for you. Its just been rebuilt and is a bit stiff to operate. My guess is that you will arrive about 9:30 ish.

      Jordans Lock is not a problem. However when you come around the bend in front of the weir. Keep to the centre of the river and push the boat on a bit as it is a bit shallow in front of the weir. There is not much pull towards the weir.

      I will meet up with you at the bottom lock on the flight. I will set it ready for you to come straight in.


    2. Thank you very much. See you tomorrow. Thanks also for tips about rotherham jordan and ickles locks. good to know these things.

  2. Thanks again. See you Sunday when we should be mooring nextdoor for the night! I will have crew for Monday so you can have a lie in!


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