Friday, 3 May 2013

Who is in your head?

I have a question.

Elmer Fudd
If you're reading this sentence, chances are you're reading it silently. Your lips aren't actually moving and you're not making any sound that other people can hear. But are you making "sound" in your head. Many people who read silently do so by imagining a voice speaking the words they are reading. For instance, when you read a book you sort of "think" that you can hear a voice in your head, A voice which is reading out the text. This was the subject of a conversation between myself and the Gruffalo. Now the Gruffalo says she only hears her own voice. I said, that I heard different voices mainly depending if they were male or female characters, but not only that, I also heard accents.

Now, if someone is Schizophrenic they may well hear multiple voices. Schizophrenic voices tend to be heard when not reading. It seems that some people do not hear the voice in their head, but they move their lips when reading. Which is a similar sort of process I suppose. Apparently its called voicing. Subvocalization however is the habit where you “say” the words as you read them. 

So what voice do you think you hear in your head and do you also hear accents?

Would it be good if you had a "fun" voice that speaks the words... say Elmer Fudd?

Alternatively, would you choose a different characters voice?

Kill the wabbit....


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