Sunday, 25 March 2012

38 Degrees is now a million strong.

I joined 38 Degrees because it brings together people to take action on the issues that matter. To bring about real change in the UK. When we act together we are powerful. You get involved easily in the issues that you care about. After more than thirty years of being a member of a political party. I decided to give it up and become non-political because of the lack of principals and avarice in both houses of parliament. No single party held the balance of my views. The border between parties are so blurred that I don't feel there is a real choice any more.

I think that pressure groups like 38 degrees can become a real force for change. Whilst not an alternative to the political party system. Yet at the same time provide a safety net against the excesses and corruption of the party in government. In a recent poll 38 degrees members voted to start or continue to campaign on the following issues. One of those issues is executive pay which would look at correcting the self imposed pay deals for people like the Board of British Waterways.

The top ten priorities, in order of the number of votes they received is:
  • NHS: Continue the campaign to protect the NHS
  • Tax Dodging: Demand a real clamp down on tax dodging
  • Lobbying: Continue to demand a real ban on secret lobbying
  • Bankers Bonuses: Stop excessive bankers bonuses
  • Executive pay: Stop excessive levels of pay for top executives
  • Protecting our forests: Continue speaking up for our forests and oppose any future sell off
  • Electricity and gas bills: Stop rip off gas and electricity bills
  • Privatising the police: Campaign against plans to privatise key bits of the police
  • E-petitions: Campaign to tighten up the rules on government e-petitions
  • 50p Tax: Campaign to keep the 50p tax rate

Another role for such pressure groups is to organise collectives on issues like the cost of power.  The 38 Degrees Big Switch Campaign is a new way for those who sign up to take the power to set prices back from big gas and electricity companies. We’ll bargain as a group with gas and electricity companies to persuade them to give us the lowest price. With almost 200,000 people signed up the Big Switch is gathering momentum.


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