Sunday, 25 March 2012

The first barbecue of the season.

The first boater barbecue of the season took place last night. Plenty of good food a few drinks and a good time was had by everyone. The weather during the day helped everyone to work up a good appetite and thirst. The fire basket and a few logs had us all sat around until quite late!! It was so go that we have decided to do it again today.

The first of the marina "Litter Picking" days started this morning. We went out with BW's "Nayburn" where we half filled the hold with junk out of the canal and off the towpath. TV's, and a mattress along with hundreds of plastic bottles, and bags.  We were soon to work up another good appetite and thirst. Which was sated with "Pie and Pea's" with a big dollop of mint sauce and a cup of tea certainly helped.

Bathed the dogs and gave their coats a trim. A few logs collected for the fire basket this evening. Formula one highlights this afternoon followed by today's football highlights later this evening mean its going to be another good barbecue day.



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