Friday, 30 March 2012

A Crick in the neck.

I think I'm in danger of becoming the Victor Meldrew of the cut.

Why is that you all gasp?

Crick Boat Show - Look call me old and cynical (complete with a smug smile) but spending about £25 plus in Diesel and adding a load of particulates pollution into the atmosphere at the same time.

Having my leg lifted for a camping pitch 8m x 9m a snip at £48 for two nights. Then I have to cough up another £52 on the door (I don't do advanced payments in case the event is a weather washout). 

I think that £125.00 to get us both in through the door is a bit rich.

People keep telling me I can save a load of money by buying from a traders at the show. But apart from a couple of new mooring ropes there is nothing else that I need.

Now I am fully aware that Crick Boat show is full of people wanting to sell me something. But so is Meadowhall retail complex and I don't have to pay to get in to there. I don't have to purchase £25 quids worth of Diesel. In fact I can travel to Meadowhell on super tram for free.

So what delights await me at Crick?

A cookery demonstration, now that's got to be worth every bit of 5p.
The bouncy castle in the kids funfair, that's got to be worth another 5p.
The handcrafted macrame place mats in the crafts tent, another 5p.
The traditional Punch and Judy show that's got to be worth another 5p.
The non traditional face painting, that's got to be worth every bit of 5p.
The weird named "Vox Pox Sound Booth" that must be another 5p.
The Diamond Jubilee Pageant, displayed on a screen, must be another 5p.

I can however save a great deal more money and just give the festival a miss. After all, I can just visit the Crick exhibitors websites instead, priceless!


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  1. I agree, I have just printed forms for the Stoke Bruerne Gala in June. Entertainment, Real Ale Bar, Food, Good company, all for next to nothing, sounds like a much better deal


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