Thursday, 29 March 2012

Arial Photography

Thursday was another hot sunny day which was enlivened by an unexpected visitor. It was a young man selling framed ariel photographic prints of the marina. A few of us were sat outside on the jetty a couple of days previously. We were all enjoying a cool beer and the good weather (as you do)  when we noted that a small white, high winged, single engined, aircraft was buzzing round. The aircraft made a series of low level passes over the marina. At the time we did not make very much of of it. However, from the supplied print we could see everyone on the marina who was outside at the time.

At a price of £65.00 there was little interest in anyone purchasing any individual prints. However, I managed to negotiate the price down (£50 - 40 - 35)  to what I thought was a much more reasonable £30.00. Now we are the proud owner of a new framed print aboard Rosie. I was made a bit wary when the young man described a helicopter as being used to take the photograph, when I knew for certain that it was a light aircraft. Part of the deal was that a high resolution image file would also be sent via email.

So far the image file has not arrived. So if anyone turns up offering you a similar (20" X 18") print and the promise of a high resolution image file. (Which are in all fairness is in a very good fame and with a very good quality print) Knock down the price and don't expect to get an image file in your email. If the image file does eventually turn up I will publish updated details later.


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