Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guardian of the Balance.

Not amongst my usual first choice for on board reading was "Guardian of the Balance." A raunchy re-write of the myth of Uther and Arthur Pendragon and their relationship with Merlin. Well researched and bringing a new perspective into an old tale. Introducing into the myth "Wren" the daughter of Merlin. In places a bit fussy over detail, but never the less a well woven tale of of the times. I found some of the “American English” spelling a bit annoying and a spell check for an “British English” version would not be too difficult for the Kindle version. The characters are sometimes brutal which is a fair reflection of the times. More than anything else the story encourages the use of your imagination to build the mental pictures – that's always a good marker for me. I enjoyed Irene Radford’s book and I am certainly tempted to go back to read more. I enjoyed this first encounter with a new to me author.

Now onto another tale of mystery, myth, smoke and mirrors.

Everyone knows that things are about to take a turn for the worse when an ageing and bitterly disappointed, rusting relic in waiting is needed to flog the foundling, fledgling replacement for British Waterways. Whilst we all know that this is just another puff of smoke and a realignment of the mirrors. His Royal Highness, Tampon Charlie of Camillagate, is being wheeled out as the first Patron of the new Canal and River Trust. The news is to be announced at the first meeting of the Trust’s Council in Birmingham. What has not been disclosed is whether TC will be there in person to squeeze the flesh so to speak.

Not to be sidelined and pushing the news for every scrap of gory glory, Tony Hales, Chairman of the Canal and River Trust and recipient of much of our hard earned cash says: “We are absolutely delighted that The Prince of Wales has agreed to become the Canal and River Trust’s founding Patron. As a passionate advocate for British heritage, nature, communities and tourism, The Prince will be an important voice of support for the Trust. The Prince’s patronage is further testimony to the incredible and wide-ranging support the Canal and River Trust has already received, and an important millstone in our journey towards establishing this exciting new charity.”

Must go, I have just had a sudden attack of sycophant nausea.


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  1. Yes, I'd also heard on the grapevine him (& the horse in the background) was, are, is the new patron of the waterways.

    Perhaps the grapevine is what he'll be planting on the towpaths. The grapes wil understand what he's saying even if no-one else does.

    Oh, & no doubt all charitable donations will go towards the upkeep of his palace & the many grapevines that surround it.

    Nice one Charlie, keeps the greenery chatting....



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