Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (2-4)

Thursday 1st of September 2011.
Day 11 Skipton.

We arrived under overcast skies into a cold grey Skipton on the Leeds Liverpool Canal in the late afternoon. Just enough time to do a bit of last moment shopping and topping up the water tank before we move onto the visitor moorings to spend the weekend. The weather report suggest that it should get a bit warmer, which is welcome as we felt the need to light the stove last night. Boats were moving here until quite late in the evening.

Abbie the older of our two dog has not been to well and was put into the pram cover area last night where she could sleep peacefully without suffering the attentions of our other dog Poppy. I was up at about 3:30 and spent the rest of the night with her. However, she seems to be much brighter today though we are keeping them apart for the moment.

Later a man in a white van turned up in the bus station car park next to the sanitary station and began to fill two large 45 gallon plastic barrels as well as a good number of jerry cans from the water point. He came equipped with a hose pipe and was obviously quite adept at attaching the pipe from the other side of the wall. He had a water mate key and knew just where to park his van for ease of access. So it was obviously a daily occurrence for him. A much better system than paying through a water meter I suppose.


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