Sunday, 10 April 2016

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Throughout the last few years of boat ownership. I have been taking a number of photographs around the canals and rivers system. Obviously the subject would vary depending on where we were and what we were doing.  The photographic images are taken using a Canon 550d DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) which is my camera of choice. I use Coral Paintshop Pro X8 photo editing software for adding the logo and creating a smaller thumbnail image.

There is no particular theme, other than most of my photography is waterways inspired. It's whatever that caught my attention at the time. So I thought I might include a few of my photographs into the blog.
When originally constructed, the northern section of the Oxford Canal from Hawkesbury to Napton junction closely followed the land contours. From Hawkesbury to Hillmorton it took the line of the 300ft contour; then, having ascended through three locks; it followed the 325ft contour to Napton. A 16 mile flight for a crow became a long 44 mile voyage for a boat.

Newboald Tunnel on the Oxford Canal.
The Oxford Canal Company decided to modernise the canal. To shorten the length by eleven miles, This required embanked cuts and large aqueducts replacing the meandering loops. In May 1834 the new and significantly shorter line was opened.
I take photographs for my own personal pleasure. Whilst I reserve copyright ownership of the photographic image. You are free to use the image for your own purposes as long as the logo is not removed and you give credit to where the photograph came from. The image provided on the blog is a thumbnail of the original photographic image. 

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