Monday, 11 April 2016

Queen of Mean

How do the mega wealthy serial tax avoiders and complainers, view the little people who are the real working tax payers.  Not in a very good light it would seem.

Take Leona Helmsley, who was born in humble beginnings.  She steadily rose through various marriage to the heights of a property developer and businesswoman. Typically she was well known in social circles for her flamboyant personality. Yet at the same time she had a reputation for tyrannical behaviour towards her employees. Behavious that earned her the sobriquet the 'Queen of Mean'. 


Leona Helmsley once famously offered the opinion that only the 'little people' pay taxes. Unfortunately for Leona, the judge handling the case of tax avoidance took issue with that remark and sentenced Helmsley to fourteen years imprisonment. 


However, don't feel sorry for her - she was out in less than two.

Her heart warming biography on Wikipedia is worth a read.

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