Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Windows 7 Tools and Tips (4)

Windows 7 Tools and Tips 

May also work with windows 8

It has been quite a while since I touched on 'computermabob' things. Its not that I don't still mess around with IT - even if I have been retired from such things for a while now.  Like an old boat stuck in the mud of the English canal system. I have not moved on to using windows version 8 because in the main its only windows 7 with a new overcoat. A bit like CaRT which is still BW with a thin coat of cracked and peeling paint.

I bet you have more than one system for connecting to the internet on your boat. On board Rosie we have a wifi dongle, Mifi router and a pair of smartphones plus a few other devices. Our wireless dongle is just used a standby as it is quite old and is configured using a pay-as-you-go sim that never runs out at the end of the month. We just have to remember to use it every six months to keep the number activated. 

We have a MiFi wireless router which can also use the wireless dongle sim if needed. this is sometimes used with an external high gain antenna at the top of the mast. Usually in areas of very poor coverage. Our two smartphones come with all you can eat data plans with different providers and we swap them around every few days for use with the laptop. Depending on which phone has the better coverage.

However as the laptop runs Windows 7 and can be used to create a free wireless hotspot from time to time. This allows the phone with a poor connection to utilise the other phone for searching the net. Most versions of Windows 7 also come with the Micro$oft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter.  This can be used to create a free wireless hotspot.  It is essentially a software-based access point that can use a wired or wireless connection to create a local or virtual WiFi hotspot. This allows multiple mobile devices to be able to share a single Internet connection.

It is easy to check if your version of Windows 7 supports virtual Wi-Fi. 

  • Click the Start Button - the item at the bottom of the menu list is the 'Search Box'. 
  • Into the search box type the words 'view network connections.' 
  • Click the View Network Connections link check that Wireless Network Connection 2 is listed. 
If you have Wireless Network Connection 2 available. You can now begin to create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. You will need to download a software application to configure the virtual hotspot. There are a number of free programs. Connectify is a typical application. Hotspot Creator is another

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