Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Blackpool Rock

The Canal and River Trust has decided to sell 'Branded Items' as part of a fund raising scheme. The 'Waterways Partnership' souvenir stick of rock is one of the first new funding ideas from the 'Branded Items Directorate'. The initial order was placed with the Blackpool Tower Rock Company for two kilometres of rock with the name of each of the Waterways Partnerships prominently displayed all the way through. 

However when the sticks of rock were delivered. It was discovered to contain the wrong phrase which was 'Utter Bollocks'. After checking the order, it seems that a former disgruntled waterways employee who was working her period of notice at the trust had altered the phrase on the order. The Trust has now agreed to accept the consignment of rock because the sentiment contained, although different from what was wanted, is factually correct. 

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