Thursday, 13 March 2014

Visitor Moorings

Is the consultation over visitor moorings flawed?

The more I look at the issue, the more disenchanted I become in the process conducted by the trust. There has been much written already on the subject. Most comments seem to have been based upon speculation. Never the less, I have been unable to find a rational behind the consultation other than one based upon speculation. The proof of the pudding being claims that proved on examination to be unsubstantiated.

When I arrive at a visitor mooring and there is limited space available, I don't jump to conclusion such as there must be boats here who have over stayed. This is simply because I don't know if anyone has exceeded the time limits. I take the view that I was unlucky this time and look elsewhere to find a spot to moor. I would treat claims of boats overstaying with some caution. The only way to know is to over stay yourself.

If you take any arbitrary length of a canal, some moorings will be more used than others. There will be many reasons why people chose a particular location. It could be because a certain mooring location is recommended in a canal guide. That is certainly one way we have chosen in the past especially if we did not know the area. It could be that the mooring is close to external facilities such as the availability of a bus service or railway station. The popularity of any mooring could change almost overnight if a nearby supermarket opens. Various venues and attractions will also play a part in attracting visitors.

Therefore to understand the issues you have to consult the boaters concerned.  Establishing the reason why people choose a particular venue. This is of more value than any unattributable speculation from others. Some moorings that we have intended to use have been so shallow that we have not been able to get the boat close to the bank. We have had to revert to using the plank. Alternatively, rather than risk a slip or fall off the plank, we have chosen to move on. The one thing I do know about Visitor Moorings is that in some popular locations there are simply not enough of them.  From what I have been able to find out, visitor moorings have not been increased or improved year on year. The opposite seems to be the way that the trust manages an ever dwindling resource. 

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  1. The problem of course isnt helped when people leave huge gaps between boats on popular visitor moorings making very poor use of the space avaliable. One of my pet hates.


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