Wednesday 10 July 2013

Smartphone Apps for Boaters (3)

The smartphone revolution continues and there are now applications to provide information to make your cruise more enjoyable. Now you can do your bit by recording the locations of Waterways birds, insects and mammals.

Even the Canal and River Trust are getting involved with Smartphone applications. Although this application does not have many good reviews from users. Try it it might be good for you.

eNature Watch is one such Android smartphone application. (FREE)

Do you regularly visit a canal, river, reservoir or dock in England and Wales? This app lets you tell the Canal and River Trust about the variety of wildlife you spot while you are there. Not sure of the difference between a moorhen and a coot, a tench and a trout? Now you can find out with the help of the Great Nature Watch’s handy species ID pages.

Whether it’s a kingfisher, water vole, grass snake or crayfish, this handy app not only lets you log the nature you've seen along the water, towpath or riverbank, it also lets you discover what other people have been spotting in your area.
Your sightings will be added to the Canal and River Trust’s species database, which records biodiversity on the nation’s inland waterways and is used to help us protect and conserve their rich array of wildlife.
· Information and pictures of 60 different species of wildlife
· Log your sightings while you’re out and about
· Find out what other people have seen in your area
It’s never been easier to support the Canal and River Trust’s nature team so get out there and get recording!


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